Major advances in modern research often come from interactions among scientists working in different areas of the same discipline. This workshop will bring together high-level 3rd year PhD students from several areas of Physics. The goals are promoting the pedagogical diffusion of their work, and the exchange of ideas and experimental/theoretical techniques, to an audience broader than just the “community of specialists” of their own field.

The workshop is open to PhD students in Physics either from Université Paris-Saclay or from Paris area from one of our sponsoring Doctoral Schools (ED-AAIF, EDOM, ED-PIF). To apply to this exciting brainstorming, simply send an e-mail with your brief CV and a suggestion of title and abstract for a double-talk to:


We look forward to welcoming you at Causses du Quercy!

The organizers:

Andrés F. Santander-Syro - Université Paris-Saclay
Garance Bras - ED AAIF - PSL Université

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